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NFT Guide For Beginners - BREET Material
NFT Guide For Beginners - BREET Material
Updated over a week ago

I, Somebody from Breet, have taken the time to curate a material for absolute beginners in the NFT space. I have titled it “NFT For Idiots”, but don’t take the title literally 😉.

If you are just wondering what the noise about the whole NFT topic is about, and would love to have a rough idea of what is what, how is how and why is why, then the material is for you.

Here is the table of content:

1. Ramblings, disclaimers & forewords

2. Explaining NFTs to idiots

3.The market of and for NFTs

4. Buy an NFT - The idiot way

5. The basic concept of NFT minting

6. NFT whitelists and grinding

7. Top curated NFT resources

8. How to DYOR

9. Shining your eyes and staying safe

10. Slangs on the street

11. Dumb hints you really don’t need

12. Some boring NFT stories

13. Credits

14. Say your last prayers


Some of the details contained in this material represent the personal views, experience and knowledge of the curator and are valid as at the time it was published.

Also, some of the contents of this material were curated using resources gathered online, and credits will be given in each case.

The curator of this material is not an expert, therefore, this material should not be construed as a substitute for any professional advice pertaining to this subject at any point in time.

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