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What Is VNIN And How Does It Work?
What Is VNIN And How Does It Work?
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The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) of Nigeria announced its intent to implement the tokenization of the National Identity Number (NIN), to protect holders’ identities during verification processes.

This means the real 11-digit NIN numbers will no longer be directly used for verifications; the NIMC has introduced a Virtual NIN — a digital token — that is only available to individuals who already have a National Identity Number issued by NIMC.


With VNIN, users do not have to provide their NIN directly. You can generate the virtual NIN via the NIMC Mobile App or by dialling *346*3*NIN*1138183# (Replace NIN with your NIN number).

The 16-digit VNIN will then be generated for you, which you can proceed to use for the verification.

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