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Breet Crypto-to-Crypto Statuses Explained
Breet Crypto-to-Crypto Statuses Explained
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When exchanging crypto-to-crypto on Breet, here are the statuses you might come across and what they mean:

AWAITING DEPOSIT: The exchange has been initiated, and we expect you to send the coin to the provided address. If you are trying to convert ETHEREUM to BITCOIN, we’ll be waiting for you to deposit ETHEREUM to the provided address.

CONFIRMING DEPOSIT: This means the deposit has been spotted on the crypto network, and we're currently awaiting adequate confirmations; it typically takes a few minutes.

EXCHANGING: This means the deposit has been confirmed, and we're currently exchanging the coins for you. We connect to various cryptocurrency exchanges to carry out this exchange, and we typically go with the best rates in the market.

SENDING: This means we're done with the exchange, and the receiving coin is being sent to your recipient address.

FINISHED: This means we've successfully sent the receiving coins to your provided recipient address.

EXPIRED: This means your deposit was not received on time, and the exchange has expired. We advise against sending cryptocurrency to an expired exchange; you can create a new exchange. However, if you send cryptocurrency to an expired exchange, feel free to contact us so we can manually process the exchange or issue a refund.

FAILED: This is most likely because you sent the wrong amount or wrong coin to the provided address. Kindly reach out to our support for more details.

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