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How Does Fixed Exchange Mode Work?
How Does Fixed Exchange Mode Work?
Updated over a week ago

When exchanging crypto to crypto, using the fixed exchange mode means the exchange rate between two currencies is set and maintained by Breet. By doing this, we provide a guaranteed exchange rate for your given currency pair.

When you use the fixed exchange mode, the exchange rate you are offered at the beginning of the transaction will remain fixed and will not change, regardless of subsequent rate fluctuations in the crypto markets.

However, the fixed mode comes with time limitations.

  1. You must initiate the exchange within three minutes after selecting the currency pair. The countdown turns red once the time is less than one minute.

  2. Once the exchange is initiated, a countdown will begin, usually up to some hours or minutes, depending on the currency pair, but the validity duration will always be specified on the exchange page.

The fixed exchange mode is specifically useful in cases where you want to get exactly what you see. However, the rate is mostly lower when compared to the floating exchange mode.

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