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How Do I Trade Crypto On BREET??
How Do I Trade Crypto On BREET??
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1. First, you need to generate a crypto wallet address for the respective Crypto options available.

2. This address becomes yours permanently and any Crypto you sent to it will be AUTOMATICALLY converted to Naira and added to your balance which will be immediately available for withdrawal.

3. Rates are displayed on the respective crypto trade page and there are different rates for different ranges of Crypto in (USD) received in your wallet.

4. The naira or cedis value is added to your balance after 3 confirmations.

5. You generally don't need to do anything. Just send Crypto to your address and wait for it to automatically confirm on the Crypto Network.

If you need help, kindly reach out to our support team at [email protected] or Call/Whatsapp at +2348090569499.

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