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I Sent Crypto But I've Not Received It Yet
I Sent Crypto But I've Not Received It Yet
Updated over a week ago

Any Crypto sent to your BREET wallet address will be automatically completed once it gets an adequate number of confirmations on the blockchain network.

If you send cryptocurrency to your wallet, but it's yet to be completed, you can use your wallet address or the transaction hash ID to check the status on the blockchain network.

Here are some examples of public blockchain explorers:

For BTC, LTC, BCH, and DOGE:

For ETH & ERC20s:
For TRON & TRC20s:
For BNB & BEP20s:

If your transaction shows PENDING on Explorer, kindly be patient. Once it shows COMPLETED, it will be completed on Breet.

Note that all transactions on Breet are automated, and the speed cannot be influenced.

If you need help, kindly reach out to our support team at or Call/Whatsapp 08090569499.

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