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How To Get A Wallet Address
Updated over a week ago

Every BREET user is entitled to a Respective Crypto Address.

For example; For Bitcoin:

1. Go to the bitcoin trade page and click the "GENERATE BTC ADDRESS'' button (if you are yet to generate one).

2. Once you generate an address, it becomes permanent for your account along with the QR Code.

This same process works for all Cryptocurrencies.

You can receive Crypto to your address at any time, bearing in mind that whatever Crypto is received to your address will be automatically added to your Naira balance at the corresponding rates.

If you need help, kindly reach out to our support team at or Call/Whatsapp 08090569499.

That is simple how to create wallet address on Breet.

What are crypto wallet addresses and why are they useful?

Crypto wallet addresses are unique identifiers used in the world of cryptocurrency to send and receive digital currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. They function similarly to bank account numbers, allowing users to transfer funds securely between different wallets.

Wallet addresses are composed of letters and numbers and serve as the destination for cryptocurrency transactions. They are useful because they ensure that funds are sent to the intended recipient and provide a secure way to verify ownership of digital assets. Wallet addresses enable seamless and transparent transactions within the cryptocurrency network.

What happens if I send crypto to the wrong wallet address?

If you send cryptocurrency to the wrong wallet address, recovering those funds can be very challenging or impossible. Crypto transactions are irreversible, meaning they cannot be reversed or cancelled once the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain.

It's crucial to double-check the recipient's wallet address before making any transactions to ensure accuracy. If you mistakenly send crypto to the wrong address, it's recommended to contact the owner of that address and explain the situation, although there's no guarantee of recovering the funds.

Being cautious and attentive when entering wallet addresses is essential to avoid such irreversible mistakes.

Is it safe to share my crypto wallet address?

Sharing your crypto wallet address is generally safe. A wallet address is like a public key used to receive cryptocurrency transactions. It is safe to share because it only allows others to send funds to your wallet; it does not grant access to your wallet or the ability to withdraw funds.

However, it's important to note that sharing your wallet address does expose your transaction history and public balance, which some people may consider sensitive information.

Additionally, be cautious of phishing attempts or scams where someone may try to deceive you into sharing your wallet address or private keys. Always ensure you are sharing your wallet address with trusted individuals or entities.

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