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Understanding Breet's Crypto-to-Cash Transaction Terms
Understanding Breet's Crypto-to-Cash Transaction Terms
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1. You understand that the wallet address is only meant to receive cryptocurrencies you intend to sell on BREET for Fiat. You cannot store crypto in your Breet wallet.

2. You perfectly understand that a refund of Crypto is impossible for whatever reason.

3. You understand that rates are dynamic (change often) according to market fluctuation and are not subject to negotiation at any point in time.

4. Since conversion is automatic, manual influence is not possible. Whatever Crypto you send to your address will be converted at the present rate.

5. You understand that due to Crypto fluctuations, the USD Value received in your wallet may be different from what is sent. The value may be higher or lower than what was originally sent. You understand that this is solely due to Crypto fluctuations.

6. You also understand that some Bitcoin ATMs deduct very high fees from transactions. BREET will only credit you for the exact amount received.

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